Mold Cleanup in the Greater Phoenix, AZ Area

Mold Cleanup in the Greater Phoenix, AZ AreaWhile mold is an integral part of our natural environment, it has its place, which should be far, far away from the home or office. If you have discovered mold growth in your home it is important that you reach out to our team of experts at Arizona Restoration Specialists. Mold can present a range of health concerns if not dealt with as soon as it appears, which should be a primary concern if you want to keep yourself and your family safe. Since mold just needs moisture, heat and darkness to thrive it is incredibly common to find mold in bathrooms, basements, under sinks and other places. If your home has recently been involved in a flood or was otherwise damaged by excessive water there is an even greater chance that mold will appear. To learn more about the dangers of mold or to schedule mold removal in Phoenix contact Arizona Restoration Specialists.

How to tell if you have mold growth

There are a few common signs of mold growth; most commonly you will be able to simply spot mold. It often appears as a fuzzy spot, or spots, of discoloration. It is generally a shade of green, blue, grey, black, yellow, black or white. However you may first notice stains on different surfaces, including bathtub caulking, shower walls, wood surfaces and elsewhere. Another issue is of course water damage, as there is a strong chance of mold growth anywhere water ended up where it wasn't supposed to. Finally, if you notice peeling or curling vinyl floors, wallpaper or paint there is a chance it is caused by mold growth. If you have the slightest suspicion of mold growth in Phoenix be sure to call us for mold testing.

Residential Mold Removal

Many people will tackle mold growth issues on their own, using over the counter products to try and remove it. While this may be successful in some cases, there is a real chance that it will not eradicate the issue and it will come back stronger. Many of these products also will simply kill mold, but not remove it, which can still result in health concerns. For proper residential mold remediation in Phoenix you need to call in the pros at Arizona Restoration Specialists.

Commercial Mold Removal

Mold can cause a number of issues for any type of business, including illness of workers. If you or an employee of the building notices mold or a sign of possible mold growth be sure to call us and we will come in and check out the situation. Since some molds are in fact toxic it is best to leave mold removal to professionals who have the proper equipment to get the job done, without exposing themselves to the potential hazards.

Arizona Restoration Specialists is available for mold removal in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale and throughout the Valley. Call us at (602) 663-9179 as soon as you notice possible mold issues, and we will put a stop to it!

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