Why is an Immediate Response Necessary Following a Home Disaster

Why is an Immediate Response Necessary Following a Home DisasterIf your home is involved in a fire or flood or otherwise suffers severe water damage due to a burst pipe or another plumbing issue, it is incredibly important to contact a home restoration company as soon as possible. When you reach out to a restoration service be sure that they will work with your insurance company, thus lessening the burden on you to complete what could likely be mounds of paperwork. But that's not the only reason to contact a restoration company immediately following a disaster. The quicker you act, the better your situation will be, here's why.

More Items Saved

The faster you contact an emergency restoration company the more success you will have in rescuing personal possessions. Lingering smoke and water can cause photographs to fade, documents to disintegrate and cherished valuables to be forever altered. The sooner a restoration crew gets to work the more likely you'll have your keepsakes saved.

Less Restoration Needs

The longer water is allowed to sit inside a home the more damage it will do. Walls will soak it in and need replacing, flooring will become unwalkable, ceilings may collapse, depending on the location of the leak, and so on and so forth. Smoke damage that is not quickly addressed can leave permanent stains on walls and other surfaces and the smell may be nearly impossible to remove if not taken care of within 24 hours.

Lower Repair Costs

As the above suggests, the quicker you respond to the needs of your home the less will be necessary to repair it. This translates into smaller costs associated with the restoration of your home.

Protects Occupant Health

Numerous health issues can arise from water and smoke damage. For instance, mold may grow in water damaged areas, polluting the air. The same can be said of smoke, as the stench can make living inside home nearly, if not completely, impossible.

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