What Should I do if My Basement Floods?

What Should I do if My Basement Floods?A flooded basement can cause a major panic in any household. If you discover that your basement is full of water it is important that you act quickly to ensure that the flooding is stopped and that further damage is prevented and existing damage is quickly repaired. As soon as you notice excessive water in the basement follow these simple steps.

Shut off electrical power

If water is collecting in your basement be sure to shut off electrical power to the home at your fuse box. Cutting power to the whole home is ideal, but if it isn't possible, at least shut off power to the basement area.

Shut off water

Unless the flooding is caused by rain water you will want to shut off the main water supply to the home. This will stop water to the house and prevent the home from flooding any further.

Contact a flood damage repair business

Once the water is under control you will want to contact a business that specializes in flood repair to ensure that your home is properly taken care of.

What will a flood repair company do?

Utilizing a professional flood repair company will allow you to relax as they ensure that things are brought under control through a series of specific tasks, including the following.

Remove the water

The first thing the flood repair company will do is remove standing water from your basement using a pump.

Mold prevention

Once the water is removed from the basement any mold removal and prevention will be conducted to ensure your home is not at risk of growth.


The basement will be completely dried to ensure that all moisture is removed.

Additional repairs

As necessary carpeting, drywall and other items will be torn out and replaced if they are not salvageable.

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