The Importance of a Speedy Cleanup after Flooding

The Importance of a Speedy Cleanup after FloodingFlooding can occur in a home for a number of reasons, and not just because of Mother Nature. A burst hot water tank or a broken water pipe can lead to inches of water or more flooding the home. If it occurs in a secluded area of the home and is not noticed for some time, the standing water could result in massive damage. As soon as flooding occurs and is discovered it is imperative that you contact a professional water damage repair and cleanup company to get started on your home's restoration right away. Here are four reasons you should not wait to get started.

Prevent (Additional) Structural Damage

Standing water can seep into flooring and walls, as well cause damage to ceilings if it begins on an upper level. The longer the water is allowed to remain the more likely it is to cause damage to the bones of the home, such as its frame, as well as drywall, carpeting or other flooring. Removing water as soon as it begins flooding is the best way to prevent structural damage from occurring, or at least reduce the water's impact.

Save Furnishings

Water can take a massive toll on the furnishing in your home. Any fabric or wood furniture, including sofas, chairs, dining tables, dressers and so forth, are subject to damage. You are also likely to lose or suffer damage to personal possessions such as electronics, clothing, family heirlooms, important documents and more. The sooner the flooding is stopped and all water is removed, the better chance you have at saving the things you love.

Prevent Odors

Standing water can result in some pretty bad odors, especially if it comes from sewer lines. If your home suffers a flood of any kind be sure to contact an emergency cleanup crew right away, or else you could face years of bad smells.

Prevent Mold

Flooding that is not properly taken care of can lead to mold growth. Mold can cause health problems people living inside the home, so a professional water damage repair and cleanup team will identify and remove any mold growth that has started, as well as complete mold prevention.

Flooding can be scary, no matter how it started. If your home has flooded and you need water damage repair in Phoenix or the surrounding area, reach out to Arizona Restoration Specialists. We strive to conduct fast and effective service, which is why we're available 24/7 with a 60 minute response time. To request water damage cleanup in Phoenix call (602) 663-9179 right away.

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