7 Top Causes of House Fires

7 Top Causes of House FiresHouse fires are all too common, which is unfortunate, since nearly all of them could have been prevented. In order to prevent your home and family from falling victim to flames be sure to educate yourself and anyone living under your roof about the dangers of fire. The following are a few of the most common causes of house fires.

Portable Heaters

If you use a space heater to keep warm be sure it is always completely unplugged before leaving the area. These heaters can get very hot, which can spark a fire if they come into contact with furniture, curtains, clothing or other items.

Smoking Indoors

One of the most alarming causes for fires are cigarettes that are not completely extinguished if smoking indoors. Cigarette butts can easily cause a fire. A big problem is people falling asleep with a lit cigarette in their mouth or hand.

Cooking Equipment

Overheating pots and pans can spark a fire in the kitchen. When cooking, always be sure to stay in the room when cooking so you can keep an eye on things.


Sure, candles can smell good, but they can be dangerous, especially if forgotten about. Always blow out candles before leaving a room.

Faulty Appliance

Toasters, microwaves, crock pots and other small kitchen appliances can cause fires due to faults in their wiring or from overheating the items they cook.


Over the years the wiring in your home's electrical system can begin to fray and wither. It can also be chewed on by mice and other creatures. If you notice trouble with an outlet, a light switch or if a fuse regularly blows, call an electrician right away.


Children need to be educated about the dangers of playing with fire from a young age. Be sure to talk to them about never playing with matches or lighters, as doing so can cause a disaster.

House fires are rare, but they do happen. If your home and family has been affected by a fire it is important to contact a fire restoration team as quickly as possible. If you need home fire restoration in Phoenix or the surrounding area contact Arizona Restoration Specialists. We are experts at fire restoration, water restoration and taking care of other home disaster issues. To request immediate service for fire damage repair in Phoenix call our team at (602) 663-9179 today.

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