Five Things that can Cause Indoor Residential Flooding

Five Things that can Cause Indoor Residential FloodingWhen people think of flooding their minds often go to rising rivers and broken dams or some other apocalyptic scene. Flooding doesn't always occur on such a grand scale. There are several things that can happen right inside your home that can result in major flooding problems and massive damage to your home's interior. Whether you're dealing with residential flooding damage now or conducting preventative maintenance, pay attention to these five common causes of flooding.

Failed Washing Machine Hose

If your washing machine develops a leak at the intake hose it could burst, leading to massive flooding. Washing machine related flooding is one of the top home repair insurance claims filed in America!

Backed Up Sink Drains

While flooding due to clogged sink drains is less frequent and often less damaging, it is still a very real threat. Clogged drains, even if water drains slowly, can allow for water to collect in a sink and eventually overflow it. If by chance a faucet is accidently left on then your home could soon become an aquarium.

Full Septic System

There are two issues with the septic system that can result in waste water backing up through toilets, shower/tub drains and other outlets in your home. The first problem is if your septic tank is completely full. If that's not the issue than it is likely there is a clog in the primary septic drain pipe.

Clogged Rain Gutters

If you experience flooding following a heavy downpour there is a good chance that your home has stuffed-up gutters. The still water will flow over the gutters to the ground and puddle up near the foundation. If any leaks in the foundation are present the water will seep into the lower levels of your home.

Broken Water Heater

The water supply to your hot water tank is endless, as they are designed to continuously fill. Should the tank spring a leak due to age, malfunction, or otherwise, your home could be subject to massive water damage, especially if no one is home when the leak first begins.

If your home has fallen victim to flooding be sure to call a water damage repair expert to ensure your home is properly cleaned up and restored. For expert residential or commercial water damage repair in Phoenix or the surrounding area reach out to Arizona Restoration Specialists. When we leave your home you'll never be able to tell there was any damage! Give us a call at (602) 663-9179 to request a free estimate for water damage cleanup in Phoenix.

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