Fire Damage Restoration in Arizona

Fire Damage Restoration in ArizonaA house fire can be extremely debilitating to a home, as well as the family that lived there. So long as the house was not destroyed beyond repair, it can generally be restored by fire damage restoration experts. While personal effects lost to the fire can't be replaced, walls and windows, as well as other structural aspects of your home, can be. The following is a brief rundown of the fire damage restoration process.

Assessing the damage

After a house fire it is critical to contact a damage restoration expert as soon as possible. The longer you wait the worse the damage will get, as odors and stains sink in. Once the restoration team is onsite they will conduct an assessment of the damage in order to develop a restoration plan.

Further damage prevention

The first restoration steps to be taken will actually be prevention methods so that damage does not spread or new damage doesn't occur. This may include sealing or tarping off holes in the roof or exterior walls so that rainwater doesn't get into the home. Once the home is sealed and all prevention methods are in order cleanup and repair will begin.

Cleanup & repair

The cleanup process will wipe away any smoke, dust and soot from the home's surfaces. The sooner this is done the better, as the longer soot and ash sits, the heavier the staining will be on walls, floors and other surfaces. During cleanup odors will be dealt with, ensuring a breathable, livable space. It is also during this period that any unrecoverable items, such as burnt furniture, cabinets, appliances and what have you, will be removed from the property.


The renovation process is when structural damage is repaired and new furniture or other items are brought into the house to finish the restoration process. The ultimate goal of fire damage restoration is to return the home it its pre-fire condition.

If your home has fallen victim to a fire be sure to contact a fire restoration team soon after contacting 911. The quicker they are on the scene the better, as they can reverse damages and prevent stains and odors from settling. If you need fire damage restoration in Phoenix or the surrounding areas be sure to contact Arizona Restoration Specialists. We offer a 60 minute rapid response time and we're available around the clock. To request the assistance of our Phoenix fire damage restoration team call us at (602) 663-9179. We'll be there when you need us.

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